Interested in a print copy of The King's City?

Hey! Thanks for clicking!

I have put it out several times that I'm very delayed on releasing 'The King's City' in print due to some technical difficulties.

The e-book is already out, but I know a lot of you do prefer your print versions. I know this is probably just frustrating for you as it is for me. So I'm planning to do a thank you for being patient with me about this.

If you would like to just wait for the print book I'll be keeping everyone updated as usual on, so you can follow me there. But if you'd like to drop your e-mail address in the form below, I'll organise to send you a discounted copy of the book, with a nice Free Thing thrown in (hint: It'll be a bookmark).

Also let me know if you'd be interested in me signing or personalising your copy when they're sent out -- if people are interested, I'll make that an option and get in touch about the details, too.

I'll be deleting everyone's e-mail addresses after sending out the print copies, and I won't be sending you continuous updates or any other marketing material.

Thanks again for your patience and your interest -- I hope to get this all sorted out soon!
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